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Banda Inaudita is an ensemble founded in the year 2000 which has very good reviews due to its innovative and risky bet. Its personal style mixing chamber music, flamenco, jazz and folk, with a cheerful and evocative flavour- without forgetting its Mediterranean roots- makes it be spontaneous as well as refined. Its first record was released in 2002, the second, DOS, in 2004 and the third,CANCIONES INAUDITAS, in 2007.You can read the english translation of the song Sopalmo here.

In their fourth record entitled 'Under the coming moon' (2010), they composed music for poems by Miguel Hernández in a stimulating collaboration with Julián Páez, Murcian cantaor filled of strength and quality, under the sponsorship of La Ribera Art Gallery (Murcia). Banda Inaudita is always counting with the invaluable help of several collaborators of an excellent professional and human quality.

You can watch our videos with translation subtitles in english .

The band gathers the talents of experienced musicians who audibly know their instruments very well. Over the years, they have managed to create a strong and solid style of music. Their open minded compositions will be liked by many. They don't sound experimental, they just enjoy playing atmospheric ethno-jazz with a Latin smile.

Juan Pablo Muñoz Zielinski: vocals, violin, guitar. The author of the music. He has written soundtracks for many moviesand television films, has played in a variety of theatre shows and performed flamenco music for dancers such as Sara Baras, Antonio Canales, Joaquín Cortés and the Spanish National Ballet. Juan Pablo's music has many influences (modern, classical, and popular); it is sometimes very rhythmical and at other moments quietly calls the listener to another realm.

Laura Villa: vocals, clarinets and flute. Laura contributes a pure classical sound. She has a wealth of experience in orchestral and chamber music, having performed with the Madrid Cathedral Orchestra, the Symphony Orchestra of San Sebastián de Los Reyes, the Via Magna Orchestra, the Aula 3 Clarinet Ensemble etc.

Santiago Puente: Soprano and bass clarinets. A versatile musician, who has performed in : Chamber Music Ensembles; Classical Orchestras; Popular, Folk and Latin Groups, Theatre Productions amongst others. In recent years his career has developed internationally, composing for Theatre productions in the UK and performing all over the world.

Julián Páez: Singer. He is a man of an interdisciplinary background who has researched the traditional sources to experiment with contemporary sonorities and concerns adapting voice and flamenco style to the characteristics of the ensemble. Furthermore, he is a didactic lecturer, an informant and a critic.His creative personality does not allow him to find any steady solutions. Instead, it exposes himself to the sublime universe of the concrete.

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